On Behalf of an Individual

With effect from 1st July 2019, the Trustees of the Newby Trust agreed to delegate the administration of Newby Trust grants for individuals to the R L Glasspool Charity Trust (“Glasspool”).  

 Glasspool will hold a Newby Trust fund and will allocate grants for individuals in accordance with the Newby Trust criteria as set out below.  

A support worker will only need to make one application to Glasspool and, if the application is successful, Glasspool may award a grant from its own fund and a grant from the Newby Trust fund.  The hope is that this will make it easier for support workers to help their clients by reducing the number of applications required.

The Newby Trust application form has been removed from the Newby Trust website and all applications should be made only to Glasspool through the Grants section of the Glasspool website (www.glasspool.org.uk).  We expect that most support workers and advisers will already be registered with Glasspool but there is a comprehensive registration guide under the Help Icon at the top right of the grantsplus screen. 

Applications will not be accepted from individuals.

Applicant organisations must be supporting the individual or family and capable of assessing their needs.

Eligible organisations include social services, housing association support services, probation services, charities such as Citizens Advice Bureau, Family Action, schools and children’s centres or other support charities.

In order to give your client the best chance of receiving a grant the Trust suggests that you include as much information in the Glasspool application form as possible. For example,

  • Describe the family background or the events that led to the crisis situation
  • Highlight some of the issues the individual or family is facing, in addition to poverty
  • Indicate whether the individual or family is engaging with support services
  • If the individual suffers from addiction issues, indicate whether and how long s/he has been in recovery

A list of physical ailments will not be sufficient.

Grants are not normally made where the household income is in excess of £1000 a month.

Grants are not normally made for:

  • televisions or computers
  • tumble dryers or dishwashers
  • carpets unless the individual has a medical need or there is a baby/toddler in the household
  • curtains

Grants are not made for:

  • rent, bills or council tax
  • debts
  • bankruptcy or DRO fees
  • overseas respite breaks
  • driving lessons

Payments will not be made to individuals and applications requesting payment to an individual will be declined automatically.